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Dental Health CenterWelcome to the Dental Health Center. If you’re looking for the best information on the latest dental procedures, products, and services then you’ve come to the right place!

It is commonly said that a smile is one of the few things in life that will go away if ignored. While that statement may be true, many people put off proper dental care because they have fear or anxiety about a visit to the dentist, or don’t have the time to research the best ways to maintain their dental health.

That’s where we come in. The Dental Health Center looks at the latest news, information, and products from the world of dentistry, and presents it in a way that is easy to digest. We also try to review dental products that consumers are researching, to give them a real hands-on report on what they are getting. While your dentist is a great source of dental information, many online sites are not, and are simply pushing products without actually taking the time to see if they work. Our reviews are different, in that we actually purchase the products, evaluate them ourselves, and then give you accurate photos and descriptions of what you actually receive.

Whitening Your Own Teeth

Top teeth whiteners reviewedTake teeth whitening for example. According to this story from Fox Business, teeth whitening is a 3 billion dollar industry. With so much money being spent by consumers to improve their smile, many companies are putting together consumer whitener kits to try to tap into the market. But many are of poor quality, and some can actually damage your teeth if used incorrectly. And in-office teeth whitening treatments can run as high as $1000. In an attempt to help you sort through all the options and marketing, hype, we reviewed several of the top kits to help you find the best teeth whitener for in-home use.

Saving Money On Dental Care

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are over 200,000 dentists actively practicing in the United States. The reason why there are so many dentists is that dentistry is a lucrative profession to enter. According to US News and World Report, the average dental salary is $163,000 per year, and dental hygienists earn over $70,000 per year. And those salaries are rising.

Dental professionals can command pay like that because the cost of dental treatments are expensive. The cost of a filling now ranges from $110 to $240 each, braces can cost $,5000-$10,000, and implants can range as high as $20,000-$100,000 depending on how much work you need done. With costs like that, it is no wonder many people are looking for ways to save money. Whether it is affordable dental insurance, dental discount plans, or even home treatments, the Dental Health Center wants to give you the information you need to maintain your dental health at a price you can afford.

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